You very kindly slotted us in on Saturday night when you had a cancellation. As it was my best friend’s birthday and we were visiting her in Herne Bay, I was thrilled to achieve what few others had… a booking in your restaurant at short notice.

We arrived – the place was beautifully presented – very ‘French’ actually. Loved the fact you had huge bowels of fresh toms, apples, avocadoes etc and the vintage bottles on shelves – marvellous. Loved the colour of the door to the lavs and the little chalk board. Staff were all pleasant and friendly. We were settled, on arrival, with glasses on a comfy sofa whilst waiting for our table.

Table – rustic and mis-matched chairs – wonderful! Obviously helped the ambiance that we were by a window watching the sun bounce down into the sea like a Satsuma. The food was lovely – really enjoyed the quince jelly – so much nicer in that almost runny form you served rather than the stuff from Waitrose that you slice into thick chunks. We had the hams, courgettes, calamari (so what if I wouldn’t share with the birthday girl the mayo stuff that was served with it?!), and lobster. The lobster was quite simply the best lobster that I’d ever eaten – hooray – oozing with butter and fat garlic – pure sex! 🙂 We finished our night with a sit on the bench watching the sea (fairly ratassed admittedly)!

Loved the fact that we could drink decent wine at our own cost and enjoy fabulous, well priced, exceptional food. Loved the fact that it was full of ‘normal’, down to earth people also enjoying pleasant surroundings and tasty food. Please pass on our sincere thanks to all working that evening.

Quite simply I can’t wait to visit you again!